Episode 4: Constant curiosity about media and marketing growing up in the digital age - Zeynep Akin

When Zeynep stepped into this field as a Junior Online Marketer, she had limited familiarity with project controls as a communication and media graduate. Our host Bram Rouppe had a chat with her about how she adapted to this new field and what marketing efforts she has been involved in to communicate the software, Cleopatra Enterprise, and all Cost Engineering services.

Tune in to this episode to hear about Zeynep’s experience at the company as a young marketing professional!

Sneak Peek Transcription

Bram Rouppe (B.R.): My name is Bram. Corporate Recruiter at Cleopatra Enterprise and today I’m joined by Zeynep. We’ll talk about her job, what it exactly is, the team dynamics and how she contributes to the future of our field. And as the name of the podcast suggests, we always start off with the question on the teabag. So, Zeynep, could you please read the question?

Zeynep Akin (Z.A.): Of course. Let me see. Show us your lock screen and explain why you chose that.

So, my lock screen. It’s actually a picture of Amsterdam. It’s with the lights. Yeah, as the holiday season is here, they put up some lights there. So, I just chose that to give out some good energy for me to look at it every time.

B.R.: Have you been at this exact place?

Z.A.: No.

B.R.: No? Oh.

Z.A.: It’s a picture from someone, I don’t know. I just felt like, “Okay, this is a good one.” So, I chose that.

B.R.: I see, I see.

So maybe, can you introduce yourself to everyone?

Z.A.: Of course. Well, I’m Zeynep. I joined the company in May. I’m doing online marketing here. So, a part of the marketing team. I’m used to being on the other side of the camera usually. But today it’s a different day, so I’m here.

B.R.: So, what marketing aspects are you working on? There’s, you know, marketing’s very broad. I mean, there’s multiple things below it. So, what are you currently working on?

Z.A.: Well, a lot of things. This podcast. Other than that, we’re doing webinars. For instance, on different topics from our consultants or from our experts on different topics. In addition to that, we’re doing internal newsletters or we’re creating brochures because now Cleopatra is coming with new features and new additions. So, we’re renewing the brochures as well. We’re doing campaigns around many things. For instance, if there’s a Roadshow. There was a Roadshow in Latin America a few months ago, and we did a lot of things around it, created a campaign and so on.

B.R.: Is it also more challenging, do you think? Maybe compared to like B2C or different B2B companies in different fields?

Z.A.: Yeah, I mean, it requires different things than if you’re selling just like a stroopwafel, something like that. So, you need to know your audience really well because you’re also, well, having this business with other organizations. So, you really need to understand their needs and their approach to things, but also stay relevant with, for the broader audience.

B.R.: So, what’s the most fun thing for you? Going to events or like being in the back doing the analytics or?

Z.A.: I think I like being in touch with people and also writing things. So, creating blogs or those things. But I guess I would say a bit of both, because you need that in the end, so yeah.

B.R.: So, out of the whole marketing spectrum can you touch every aspect of it in this role within this company, or is it like more towards a specific aspect, or can you touch everything?

Z.A.: It’s actually one of the reasons why I wanted to well, go with this role because it is broad, so you get to experience a lot of different things. And I feel like we are touching upon many of these things and as a young professional, I think it’s good to well, get experienced while doing all these things.

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