Working as a web designer at Cleopatra Enterprise

Meet our colleague Sandra Groeneweg-Hertog, she's now working at Cleopatra Enterprise for more than three years as a web designer!

Meet Sandra Groeneweg-Hertog, our web designer at Cleopatra Enterprise!

What do you value the most about working at Cleopatra Enterprise?

The thing what I really like, is that all colleagues are always willing to help you. Yeah, always. It feels like a family when you’re working here.

What is the most special project you worked on?

There are several projects I’ve worked on, but I think the special one is my first project at Cleopatra Enterprise: this was creating the new website for It was the first deep dive into a new part of development, so I really enjoyed it. From that point on, we keep on developing more and more WordPress websites.

What is your best shared memory with the Cleopatra Enterprise team?

It’s not really work related, but the nicest thing is having some drinks with my colleagues after work! We also did a Harbour Run a couple of weeks ago, some escape rooms… And the first achievement I made was winning a Mario Kart competition!

Can you describe Cleopatra Enterprise in 3 words?

Three words? Family, development, knowledge. It feels like a real family working here at Cleopatra Enterprise. Knowledge because it’s a really knowledge-based working environment. You learn lots of new stuff every day. And development, because it’s also about your own skills. I’m developing a lot of covert passions. I really feel this work is what I want to do for the rest of my life.


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