Career path of one of our Cleopatra Enterprise's colleagues

Meet our colleague Richard van Tricht, who once started his career at Cleopatra Enterprise in '96 and pursued his career at Shell for the past 15 years. Now he's back as Business Strategy & Alliances Manager!

Meet Richard van Tricht, our Business Strategy & Alliances Manager!

Who are you?

My name is Richard van Tricht, and I’ve been working in Shell and NAM for the last 15 years. Before that, I worked at Cleopatra Enterprise for five years.

When did you start working at Cleopatra Enterprise?

I had the privilege to start in the company when it was founded. This was a really great experience, because we started in Baarn with almost nothing. The founders Chris and Ko had been awarded a very special project at Nerefco premises in the Europoort, for a crude distillation unit.  It was a complete restoration of a revamp, which I was working on as well. It was a very nice opportunity to broaden my experience in the oil and gas business.

How did you develop yourself during your time at Cleopatra Enterprise?

At this phase, Chris and Ko really helped me to develop not only my career, but also my education. I went to the Cleopatra Enterprise course from the DACE (the Dutch Associates of Cost Engineers) together with Raymond Hagedoorn and Paul Bakker. It was a nice experience to become a certified Cost Engineer. At the moment, I am still liaised to the DACE as the chairman of the exam committee.

What did you value the most about working at Cleopatra Enterprise?

I always liked the company because it looked like a small family at that time (and still). Everyone in the company was really enthusiastic about Cleopatra Enterprise and the whole software around it. They really want to build a new standard for the industry.

Did you stay in contact with people from Cleopatra Enterprise after you left?

Looking back to the past 25 years, we kept working together, and also we spend a lot of time changing out knowledge, data, contracts, types of strategies, and also people. A lot of people that worked for Cleopatra Enterprise also worked in my teams in Shell, which is how we grew the business further. We always stayed connected.


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