Working as a Software Developer at Cleopatra Enterprise

Meet our colleague Mark Hendrikx, who is working as one of the lead software developers at Cleopatra Enterprise. He started his career 9 years ago and stumbled across Cleopatra Enterprise while looking for a challenge.

Meet Mark Hendrikx, our lead software developer at Cleopatra Enterprise!

Why did you join Cleopatra Enterprise and why do you stay?

Nine years ago, when I started at Cleopatra Enterprise, I was looking for a challenge. Cleopatra Enterprise came on my way, as they work for a large variety of clients. Now, at the moment you are watching this video, nine years have passed. So, I think we can conclude this was the right choice for me! Besides, I would like to congratulate Cleopatra Enterprise on their 25th anniversary. Over the years, we’ve come a long way, and I’m looking forward to the future.

How did you improve yourself at Cleopatra Enterprise?

When I started working at Cleopatra Enterprise, I was a very newbie junior that just finished his university degree. Over the time -nine years have passed- I became one of the lead developers, while I once started as a junior. In the meantime, the software department has also quadrupled in size and over the years I’m happy to see that improvements are still being made!

What do you value the most about working at Cleopatra Enterprise?

At Cleopatra Enterprise, I get to work -every day- with smart and enthusiastic colleagues. I really enjoy working with our new colleagues as well: getting them up to speed with the application and learning them about new technologies.

What is a project you enjoyed working on?

I recently got to work on a new module for the Cleopatra Enterprise application. After a year of working very hard and adding a lot of new functionalities; it was immediately being used in the field by clients. We got some really nice feedback on that. I thought it was amazing!

Where do you see Cleopatra Enterprise in the next 25 years?

For the next 25 years, I’m hoping to see Cleopatra Enterprise to become -the standard- for cost estimation and project controls in the field!


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