Working as a Cost Engineer at Cleopatra Enterprise

Meet our colleague Babette Schep, who is working as a Senior Cost Engineer at Cleopatra Enterprise. She joined our company almost four years ago because she was interested in both technical and non-technical aspects during projects.

Meet Babette Schep, our Senior Cost Engineer!

Why did you join Cleopatra Enterprise and why do you stay?

I joined Cleopatra Enterprise almost four years ago, because I really like the aspect of having the technical and non-technical parts combined in projects. I’m really interested in technical projects, but it’s also nice to look into how you can control the projects. That’s actually what I really like about my job. Besides that, I like the aspect of travelling (which have been a bit less due to the pandemic).Hopefully we will be able to travel to our clients and potential clients soon again!

Can you describe Cleopatra Enterprise in 3 words?

If I have to describe our company in three words, the three words would be: energetic, family, and client-driven. Why I choose these words? To start with energetic, because I really feel that everyone in this company puts a lot of energy and passion in getting things done. The second, I choose client driven because, yeah, we are really interested in what clients tell us and we really want to make their dreams coming true. And, family? Every day that I walk here around, it feels like my Cleopatra Enterprise family… Yes, it almost feels like home.


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