Uniting consultancy, finance and technology

Since our beginnings as an ambitious startup in 1996, we've grown to become a global innovator in the field of project cost management. Today our mission is to help clients with their project by answering questions such as 'How long will it take?', 'How much will it cost?', 'How will the performance be improved?'. At the heart of the organization is our dedicated team of specialists. Our software development, consultancy, sales, and operations teams are the driving force behind the trust we enjoy from our customers. Apply now and be a part of our team.

Get to know our teams

Advise our customers

Our consultancy experts tap into their background in engineering or finance to provide clients with the insights they need for their multi-million projects.

Develop our software

Our developers continuously improve our Java-based software product by implementing cutting-edge features.

Grow our business

Our sales team continuously seeks out opportunities to grow our business, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Care for our people

Our operations team is the backbone of our company, lending their unique expertise to streamline our internal processes.

Work with our widely recognised clients

Values and Culture


We care for our team members, making sure that everyone can feel like they belong.


With technology at our core, we are driven by our never-ending mission to innovate.


As an Approved Education Provider, we help our people learn and develop themselves every day.


Our teams empower each other, allowing us to continuously grow as a company.

All work and no play? Absolutely not! At Cleopatra Enterprise, we understand that a fun environment and great work go hand in hand. Whether it’s through our joined lunches, bi-weekly game nights or eventful company outings – our colleagues will make you feel right at home.